Work Placement

Student Work Placement Handbook


The Work Placement Unit Staff Members: 

Ibrahim Hussain  

Work Placement Officer

The Work Placement Unit is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday throughout the year and is based near Student Support at the Croydon Campus.

For Work Placement enquiries contact:

0208 7953 863  Ext: 542

The Work Placement Unit is also operational at the Birmingham campus where staff, with many years of experience in education and teaching, offer the same services for students as our flagship campus in Croydon.

The Work Placement Units in all campuses are is responsible for Work Placements for students on the London Metropolitan University Foundation Degrees and Top up Degrees; we also cover all areas concerned with employer visits, tours of employer locations as well as responsibility for Careers and Employability and Events Coordination.

Work Placements are an integral part of some of the students' studies at FSB. Once a Work Placement is secured by the student, the employer is required to fill out a Work Placement Agreement.

Please ensure that your Employer/Placement Provider completes the form. It is your responsibility for the completed Work Placement Agreement to be returned to the Work Placement Unit in order for it to be formally recognised and processed.

The FSB Work Placement Logbook is for you to record your activities during the Placement, reflect on what you have learned and to record any Placement hours you have conducted. (Extra time sheets are available from the Work Placement Unit or your Tutor)

The Work Placement Unit covers the following areas:

  • Contacting employers regarding taking students on Work Placements 
  • Contacting employers regarding student visits to employers
  • Contacting employers regarding visiting speakers to the college
  • Visiting employers to discuss and arrange Work Placements, visits and employer tours
  • Organising course related student events
  • Attending Work Fairs, Job Shows, Conferences and other external events
  • Assisting students to find Work Placements
  • Assisting students with CV’s (See links below)
  • Assisting students with interview preparation
  • Assisting students with career advice
  • Assisting students with applications and looking at choices of Universities
  • Assisting students with Employability Guidance

"How to write the perfect CV" Guide 

CV template for FSB


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