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**** Dragon's Den Prize Winners****

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**** Dragon's Den Prize Winners****
by Fahim Hasan - Thursday, 5 April 2018, 10:35 AM

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Firstly, we would like to thank all those students who submitted their Business Plan as part of FSB Dragon's Den event.

Once we had sifted through the applications, we were able to select the top 3 Business Plans.

At the event, they each in turn pitched their business ideas to a specially selected panel of external experts all of whom have vast experience in the business world. Although some were nervous, the entrants all gave good accounts which led to the panel asking various questions regarding their idea. This did not phase our students who were able to give confident answers to all questions raised.

After the panel had met to decide who should take the top prize, they spoke with each of the entrants giving them valuable advice and guidance for future projects.

Therefore, we would like to give our congratulation to: -

Andrew Nana Asare - 1st Prize Winner of £500

Siobhan Knowles-Bartley and Nicholas Hazeldean - 2nd Prize Winner of £300

Natalie Francis - 3rd Prize Winner of £200


For those of you who have been inspired, Dragon's Den will return. Therefore, start working on those business plans.