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Important News!

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Important News!
by Fahim Hasan - Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 11:49 AM

1. Assignment Results

We are currently receiving and inundating volume of calls and queries with regards to assignment result. So for those who are brimming with excitement and expectations, we have good news!

The Examination Board was held on 12th of January, to discuss the previous term’s Results!

At this meeting our academics and examination officers attend to many businesses, such as receipt and confirmation of assignment scores, discussion of other significant information such as extenuating circumstances of individual students, the progression of individual students and also of awards that were made to students.

It is only after this meeting, that results will be made public. You could now view your results via FSB portal and details feedbacks will follow shortly.

If you wish to appeal a decision made by the examination board with regards to your results, then you must make the appeal soon possible. Or details please speak to a member of Student support team.

You can download an appeal form here or you will be able to collect an appeal form from student support. We have also included a sample completed for to serve as guidance.

[Forms Attached]

Sample completed for guidance


2. January 2017 Semester Dates

Hope you have had a pleasant break and excited about the start of a new year!

We will soon be resuming classes and will also be holding an induction week for our new students.

The following are some important dates for this new semester:

Induction Week:              23rd to 27th of January

Classes Resume:              30th of January

End of Semester:             6th of May


Submission Deadlines

Students:            12 noon, Friday the 6th of May

Outstanding and re-sit assignments also need to be uploaded to the portal.

To upload, you must pay £15.00 per assignment in order for the portal to be opened. This can be done via the Portal or in cash at Student Support.

Also note that if your attendance is 80% or above for the semester, then resits will be free of charge.


3. Important Emails!

As the beginning of the semester is ushering in a great surges of activity here in the college, there is also a lot of communication in the form of Emails and SMS being sent out to students. These maybe new timetables or changes to it or messages regarding your assignments and progression. So essential that students are up to date with this stream of communication.

So for those who are missing out: here is a little guide on accessing your emails:

[Guide Attached ]