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Student Union Representatives and President

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Student Union Representatives and President
by Nasir Rafiq - Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 3:21 PM

Dear Students,

Nominations for Student Union Representatives and the Union President have begun, cast your vote, have your say, make your voice heard!

The aim of the Student Union is to work entirely for the benefit of students. The Union is managed by Student Reps who will be elected on an annual basis by the whole student population, who work and volunteer for the Union for a year. The Union will represent student views, concerns and will ensure that students have access to quality services. These will be on annual election for a student president and vice president which will be held by secret ballot. It will listen to the students for bringing in positive change and will work with relevant staff members to make it happen. There will be an appointed student union coordinator who will be working closely with Student Reps, faculty and other departments of the College to set the direction of the Union and its activities. This will involve organising student elections, deploying student surveys and taking deliberate steps to have student voice at strategic and operational level. Student representatives Student Reps hold regular meetings with senior FSB staff to discuss a range of issues, in some cases Student Reps will sit on FSB committees. They also have control over budgets in order to plan events and trips for fellow students at FSB. If you would like more information about becoming a student representative please contact the Student Support Department.


Best Regards,
FSB Management